UOP Binary Indicator


In my UOP indicator review This has to be one of the best binary options indicators I’ve used so far, and at a price of only $97.00 it is amazing value for money and genuinely works.  I’ve given the UOP indicator some extensive use over the past couple of months. Once you’ve learned the basics and understand its uses, the accuracy becomes outstanding. The UOP indicator has provided many winning ITM signals and enriched my understanding of market data.

The Indicator slots straight into your MT4 platform (which is all shown in the installation videos) and I find it very straight forward to understand and use. This indicator essentially works by showing users the best opportunities via a small yellow arrow and “super arrow”. Both together, backed by the direction of a trend and a cross in the stochastic oscillator indicates a perfect trading opportunity. Obviously the success rate is not 100%. No indicator would be able to offer something so outrageous, however the UOP indicator does offer a success rate of around 75-85% (Depending on market conditions).

Upon purchase the indicator you gain access to informative installation and usage videos that aid your training in working the indicator, as well as being given access to an excellent community of other binary options traders which is another useful tool for any trader.

The training videos also go to the lengths of explaining the do’s and don’ts of the rules you need to impose on the indicators strategy, which allows a broadening of knowledge and aids the discipline a serious trader needs. I would suggest you avoid using the indicator during extreme market volatility such as during major news events. Another way I use the indicator is during the asian session trading commodities like gold or silver. All in all, I can’t fault the UOP indicator and find it a beneficial tool in my everyday binary options trading.