Trend Trader App: Another Scam


Trend Trader App. Scam Review

Every good trader knows that to trade well, you need to be able identify price trends. You can either trade in the same direction like riding a wave, or you can wait and see where the trend will reverse and catch it going the opposite way.

This latest scam claims to be able to use historical financial data to analyse common trends and automatically place trades when everything lines up.

Here’s the quick and summarized sales pitch for Trend Trader App off one of their web sources:

The Single Most Powerful Auto-Trading Algorithm is LIVE again…
TRENDtrader is integrated with multiple, very large financial databases throughout the world and have full access to financial records since 1959!
The TRENDtrader’s main algorithm is developed based on repetitive patterns from financial databases!
– 93% Accuracy
– NO Risks
– Over 1,000 Successful Traders
– Make at least $1,350 Every Single Day!”

So let’s get to work picking apart the illogical and unrealistic fallacies contained in the above statement and in their stock-standard scam pusher of a promo video.

“93% Accuracy”

Well at least the had enough self control to not advertise 100% accuracy or maybe 99% but lets be honest. The select few signal providers out there at the moment who are worth a damn are making 80% at the absolute maximum. So a claim of 93% is certainly improbable.

“NO Risks”

Well here’s a good reason to raise an eyebrow. Trading binary options has, and always will involve some degree of risk. Even the expert traders out there will have a certain number of OTM trades and although the aim is to maintain a high win:loss ratio, there is ALWAYS a risk. To say that your autotrader involves “NO Risk” is an outright false claim.

“Over 1,000 Successful Traders”

Of course they want you to think you’re not the only person signing up to their product. Nobody wants to be the first person in the world to be a passenger on an aeroplane! We all want something that is tried and tested, firmly established. Unsurprisingly, the Trend Trader App has a Facebook page with not even 30 ‘likes’ to its name. A quick Google search will find you nothing but bad reviews of Trend Trader App.

“Make at least $1,350 Every Single Day!”

While I wont deny that it would be nice to be generating that kind of regular profit, I am far less inclined to believe it after reading what I’ve read so far. This is probably the one thing that all scams have in common. They claim large consistent profits.

Trend Trader App 1


Of course there are some testimonials on the promo video. Just two this time. Listening to them and seeing their faces you can see they aren’t even doing a good job at lying to their webcams.

Trend Trader App 2 Trend Trader App 3


A quick search of the names that they provide comes up dry on social media websites. The main guy, CEO Jonathan Millar, shares his name with a big number of Jonathan Millars but none of them look like he does.

Trend Trader App 6The screenshot above is from another video that plays once you enter your name and email address. I used a fake name to get in just to see what would happen. Notice the countdown timer on the picture above. The video shows Jonathan Millar congratulating you through a million dollar smile and then saying there is “just one more step!” and that would be to sign up and fund your account with a minimum of $300. And don’t waste your time thinking about it! Because the timer is counting down!!!

Limited Spots / Time Available

Here’s another tactic used frequently by scammers who want to try and instill a sense of urgency to their target audience and encourage them to act on impulse. Think about it for a moment. If he really did have some amazing cash generating autotrader, why the time limit? Allow your potential customers to think about it and do some research first, unless you’re actually a scam in the first place!

Trend Trader App 4 Trend Trader App 5



Trend Trader App ticks all the boxes for looking like another stock-standard con. Only this time I haven’t been able to find any feedback about the system (positive or otherwise) So that can only mean that nobody has bought into the scam yet or has not been bothered to write about it. This is good news I suppose, but nevertheless make sure you stay away from Trend Trader App and spread the word that they’re not trustworthy.



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