The Truth About Michael Freeman – The Binary Options Guru

I thought I’d touch on what I believe to be a hot topic at the moment: The legitimacy and agenda of the well known guru Michael Freeman. Whilst many people in the industry know him, his training, scam reviews, blogs and/or videos, many people do not find that Michael Freeman’s motives are legitimate or that he provides products and services that are scams. I have worked with Michael quite closely and I would like to dispense my honest opinion of Michael. Before we start I think it is important to introduce myself a bit better and assure you that I am receiving no incentive for writing this.

I am James Frangleton, a Binary Options trader, reviewer and trainer from the UK. I have provided free advice, training and webinars on this subject, you can see any example of this videos here. What is my goal here you might be asking? Well its actually really simple I want people to not lose money to the sly scammers in the industry. The trading industry is probably one of the most corrupt, many because of its simplicity and ease of access to all. You can find my personal details here, I encourage you to get in touch via any of these channels


Now that you have an idea of who I am and what I’m about and hopefully pick up that I am an honest individual lets get down to Michael Freeman. Michael runs several websites, however his most popular website is Similarly to this website (, the channel promotes good services, dispenses advice and training as well as discredits services that are either scams or have poor performance. It also offers advice on how to avoid being ripped off in the future detailing common methods of manipulation and phycology that such fiends use to trick poor, and often desperate people out of their money. Many services such as signal push  and Rock the stock are among the latest to be exposed. Michael also exposes cheap actors on websites such as that essentially sell their soul to scam artists for a couple of bucks in order to give them fake marketing materials such as video testimonials. Some of the many people mentioned by his channel are Katie Harvey and Roy Tribble.

Michael is not the only person to stipulate that these services and people are associated with scams. Many websites such as and all report similar experiences with many of the services mentioned by the channel.

Lotz of Bots has recently released a blog post which contains an image of Michael Freeman’s face photoshopped onto Jesus. This has caused outrage within the Binary Options community as it controversially and sarcastically depicts as a godly figure. The image has been considered to be disrespectful and targets peoples inner beliefs religiously; as well as being wrong, unfair and inappropriate in like of Michael’s achievements.

Michael Freeman is NOT a scam artist, nor does he promote any scams for profit. He finely selects the services he promotes by undergoing a personal review, as well as taking into consideration any intelligence gathered by direct or indirect feedback of the service or product. I recently made a statement about Michael on Facebook that I will quote here:

“I’m getting a little tired of the hate towards Michael Freeman. Look, he runs a tight ship, actually he’s running a business, don’t ever forget that. But Michael Freeman is NOT a bad person. Think of all the money he gives out for free in his group; thousands and thousands of dollars. He donates to charities, he has created tons of free training material online, do you really think he makes money to post every single video on youtube? No. Its because he cares about the people in this industry and he is trying desperately to get honest, hard working people away from scams and onto the real players in Binary Options. How do I know this? I know Michael. I have got to know him pretty well over the past few months, he has supported me through some bad health issues, some issues that could have led to my death, but you know what, he still paid me for nothing, in fact he paid me more. Why? Because he cares and he believed in me. In one respect I let him down, I feel I owe a debt to him, thats why I post comments, like his videos and support him through the hate. He has a heart and he wants to help people, like he did with me. If you don’t like him then please stop spreading negative hate. Keep it to yourself, because ultimately I believe he does the right thing. Life is too short to hate people.”

Within minutes the status had many likes and comments supporting Michael. The truth is that those who know him or are a member of the Michael Freeman Facebook group, know him to be good willed and often he comes across as someone who wants to help people. Yes he is fierce, he doesn’t take any crap from anyone and so he shouldn’t. He’s combatting multi-million dollar scams on a day to day basis, whilst running an advanced business with many branch off’s that effectively helps people. Take it from me, a member and ex-admin of the Facebook group (having left due to health issues), an honest source and a supporter of combatting the thieves in the industry: Michael Freeman’s intentions are good. Use his videos, follow him, sit back and relax, knowing your investment will be in good hands by being a follower of his.

I’d like to thank you for reading this article and would encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the information and/or opinions I have dispensed above, I also encourage you to comment on this post with anything you may wish to add. Happy trading everyone and I wish you the best of success.

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Michael Freeman – The Binary Options Guru

  1. If Michael were a fake personality then he would have never come in front of camera and show his face.but has anyone seen that so called LotzOfBotz? No u didnt.coz he is a big time scammer who fears to come to real world.u can only find him in blogs cursing and spreading hates.Long live Michael and his group.

  2. What a great article, James. I totally agree with every word. I was one of the lucky ones and found Michael Freeman’s FB family before I got swindled out of thousands. I did sign up for many of them. They say only $200.00 to start and then you find out it’s $1,000.00 minimum, etc … Mike is a saint and looks out for his own people as if they were his children. Appreciate all the kind words in this article and hope many others read it and feel the same way I do. Cheers buddy.

  3. Yes, Mike is really great guy, as many people join his group the better for them.
    Very good article, thanks James.

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