The Aussie Method Scam Review

Review: The Aussie Method

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Oh the Irony…..

Here we have the latest in an ever-growing list of scams brought to you by the usual lowlife scumbags who make a living out of deception.

The Aussie Method claims to be a “100% FREE software that will trade on the binary options markets with just 1 click!” One look at the website should be enough to raise your suspicions, but I’m speaking from my own experience of course. Having seen a lot of scams in various formats it certainly ticks all of the boxes and smells very suspicious at first glance.

  • Plastic-looking website with plenty of frills
  • An embedded promo video set to play automatically
  • The standard “Enter email address here” box
  • Fake-looking screenshots
  • 6 figure earning claims!
  • The “Limited Time Offer” gimmick

The Aussie Method 3

Fake Reviews

On closer inspection of the promo video we are treated to a bunch of fake testimonials from Fiverr actors and actresses claiming massive profits in excess of half a million dollars or more! Interestingly, some of the reviewers have been seen before on other scams I have reviewed.

Here’s the girl from my Flip My Binary Account review.

The Aussie Method 2Flip My Binary Account 4

Real Reviews!

The Aussie Method claims to have numerous positive reviews on social media that serve to back up its legitimacy. I checked out The Aussie Method’s Facebook page and found the following reviews from such “satisfied” customers:

“Let me first say to anyone even slightly interested in this fraud to save yourself the disappointment and just put a match to your money. This Aussie Method is a fraud perpetrated by a fictitious POS called Jake Petru supported by actors sucking you in with false claims and daily barrages of stories of people making great money while your account disappears.DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!”

“Scam. Crap system. Even worse customer service. Don’t waste your money. Does not work. It’s ALL LIES!

“This is a scam. don’t even waist your time or money with this kak. I only lost with this scam. where is all the fb people thats on there website. sis on you for scamming us”


(Excuse the spelling. These are direct quotes from the Facebook page.
As you can see, its a far cry from being anything even close to what the website claims. The screenshot below claims to be live and updating as the positive comments supposedly pour in.

The Aussie Method 4

However, the page only has 87 ‘likes’ and is full of negative reviews. Some of them are also quite sad to read.


The money-man of The Aussie Method, Jake Pertu, doesn’t exist. He is absent from all of the usual places you would expect to find such a person who makes as much as he claims to. But this is hardly a surprise. He is as fake as all of the reviews on the promo video along with the bogus comments and tweets in the image. The video also includes screenshots of trader accounts with various brokers. The video then zooms in on the balance at the top of the page somewhere so that you are free to gasp in surprise at the sheer volume of dollars that these people have sitting in trading accounts rather than withdraw some or most of them. Just like normal people would do! Who actually do trade! AND WHO ALSO ACTUALLY EXIST! This flawed logic is the final straw in a long list of things wrong with The Aussie Method.


It almost goes without saying that you should stay well clear of The Aussie Method and scams of similar structure and presentation. As always, you need to do a LOT of research and cross-check various sources before committing to something like this. It’s interesting some of the stuff you might find. Nothing comes for free these days and there’s always a catch. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The Aussie Method is a scam.



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