The 50K Mission – Just More Fake Numbers

Scam Review: The 50K Mission

Here’s another scam that was recommended to me from the same folks who spawned Trading Everest. Different names, slightly different tactics to scam people. But the same old stink


The 50K Mission will scam you big time under the guise of being a concerned world citizen eager to bring positive change. Not only will they make promises of huge cash rewards from signing up to use their software, but they say that once you make your first $500,000 you must promise to make a $50,000 donation to a charity of your choice in order to ‘give back.’

Sounds honorable yes? But that’s the trick behind the name of The 50K Mission. They make it their mission to help their clients but to also make sure that they pay it forward and not be overly greedy. Quite an interesting tactic really. A person considering signing up with The 50K Mission may also be considering a handful of other schemes at the same time. The humanitarian aspect might give The 50K Mission an Edge over most others.
The guy in the promo video simply presents the software, makes some promises of big bucks and then shifts the emphasis onto making sure that the lucky takers will donate $50K once they make their first half mil.

Too bad it’s all just a big con…


Why is it a Scam?

If this software was genuine, it would be presented in a much more honest format. All of the claims and promises put together amount to everything wrong with these types of promotions.
The creators of The 50K Mission scam would have had to pay these guys $5 each for the fake testimonials. I found two of these guys advertising themselves on Fiverr.

Fake Twitter and Facebook comments! Their real page has less than 20 ‘likes’ just like the rest of them and none of these comments can be verified.

And of course, there are ONLY 25 spots available on this offer so you literally don’t have time to think! The video guy repeats himself many times on the apparent urgency of the offer and that you need to ACT NOW or your chance at financial freedom will be gone forever. “And you’ll be out of luck.”


So as it stands, The 50K Mission is yet another free autotrading system which is big on claims but bone-dry on any proof regarding the performance of their software. It has all of the usual scam gimmicks aimed to stimulate greed within its viewers and the results seem extremely improbable with no actual proof of how the system works and who is actually succeeding. Knowing that this scheme is pushed by known scammers, I’d advise you to stay well away from The 50K Mission.


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