Stock Market Jackpot

Stock Market Jackpot is Yet Another Scam

So today we caught wind of this little gem of a binary options scam the Stock Market Jackpot. We plan to fill you in as to why this mediocre attempt at stealing your hard earned money is just another in a long list of scams that we aim to review day in, day out.

Stock Market Jackpot Scam

The first thing we are presented with is a dismal attempt at voicing over via a sketchy, free computerised program alerting us to how lucky we could be! Then of course there has to be a pop up showing us ridiculous almost 6 figure sums of money that could be ours in just a matter of days! There are also the grammatical errors thrown in to ensure just how professional this site is. The triple threat then heads our way with a casino-type widget that takes you to a sales video that, and you guessed it, is fronted by a paid actor seen on many of these videos splashed over another hundred scam sites.

We’re already feeling sorry for these guys and their feeble attempts at a binary options scam, but our review promises to deliver more than shooting down their poor efforts! We have to hand it to Stock Market Jackpot though, there’s no time limit to pressure in the victims, so you guys are free to be scammed 24/7!!

If you’re not already convinced by this review that the Stock Market Jackpot site is a binary options scam then here are a few more reasons we think you should stay well clear. The site offers yet another amazing auto trader that is advertised as all free you just sign up and receive free software and free signals, there are no suggested costs. However the site then shows how they accept all the major payment platforms such as Visa, mastercard and bankwire. If everything is free then why all the payment options? It’s simple. Once they have lured you in and built up a rapport with those who fall victim to this scam, they are ready to take up all the cash they can get. It’s a clever ploy used by many of the scammers out there who think they’re showing some form of scammers’ initiative.

There is a banner marketed on the site presenting how many signals, how many trades made, the percentage of ITMs and the amount of people who have signed up/fallen victim to a scam there have been on any given day. The widget did seem a good tactic until we noticed upon refreshment of the page that the figures are all bogus and change in the wrong directions upon every refresh. Stock Market Jackpot also plugs a Facebook button trying to show their legitimacy but the button only leads to a closed down Facebook group through a broken link.

Overall in our review we would have to recommend blacklisting Stock Market Jackpot and put it down as another binary options scam invented to take money from unsuspecting traders and continuing to drag the binary options trading name through the mud. Be sure to give this one a miss and stuck to signals and providers on our trusted signals page and don’t be afraid to get in contact and alert us to any scams you think may need reviewing.

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