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Stock Market Blast Review, Is Stock Market Blast a scam?

A great new Binary Options service has hit the streets and it goes by the name of Stock Market Blast. I’m really going to crack wide open and break it down into nice friendly chunks of traders goodness. My Stock Market Blast review is honest and to the point, it doesn’t contain any lies and sticks to the facts. So lets get started!

Somewhat frustratingly, my Stock Market Blast review uncovered that US traders cant benefit from this exciting new auto trader. Sorry guys, its nothing personal. These guys just wanted a reliable trusted broker that was EU regulated, which in my eyes is a great way for a genuine service to help prove their legitimacy and morals. In terms of negative points that pretty much sums everything up for the Stock Market Blast software. Everything from here I found was very promising

One of my favourite points about this was the fact there were no actors in sight! Hurray! In fact the whole presentation doesn’t have any actors at all. Normally these sorts of scams have some random millionaire who wants to help the world out by giving them access to an amazing piece of software that will make you a millionaire overnight. Not with Stock Market Blast. These guys have really concentrated on a short but sweet presentation that is very informative yet very to the point. In fact the entire presentation is an animation that is not only easy to watch, it makes things kinda fun. Most importantly the video really comes across as genuine. We are basically guided through the concept of Binary Options trading as well as given some information as to how the system works.

Stock Market Blast

This Stock Market Blast review uncovered that the software works through an amazingly simple idea. Its not a system or algorithm but in fact wall street insiders information that is completely useless for normal stock or forex traders. The information that Stock Market Blast are given is suspected gains or losses on given stocks. Wait? Why would they regard that data as “useless”. Well its actually really simple. The gains and losses are suspected to be extremely small, too small in fact for a normal trader. Obviously for a binary options trader any suspected movement can be useful, no matter how big or small. This is why the information is passed to Binary Options brokers which is where Stock Market Blast comes in. They take the data (legitimately might I add) then use it, do a bit of basic analysis themselves then sends an automatic trade to your Binary Options broker. This means you don’t have to lift a finger with the Stock Market Blast software to make some reasonable gains.

Stock Market Blast

Another great point I found about this software was that the testimonials felt so realistic. The most notable was $350 gain to $600 from $250. These sorts of gains are not only realistic, but I know that they are achievable by anyone who has a bit of trading knowledge. I also liked that Stock Market Blast testimonial section didn’t start with stupid balances like $10,000. No one has this sort of money to invest, but $250 is a pretty standard starting balance.

Verdict: Stock Market Blast is certainly NOT a scam!

I hope you liked this short yet simple review of I would highly encourage you guys to check this out as it might be a great way to earn a little money on the side without even really lifting a finger. Don’t forget to start your trades small if you are new to binary options or only have a small account to start with!

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