Stochastic Oscillator Strategy

Stochastic Oscillator Strategy – Featured on the Binary Options Channel!


I am proud to announce that my 5 minute stochastic oscillator strategy was featured on the Binary Options Channel earlier this week the exact strategy can be found here. Below is a youtube video where I explain how the strategy works in more depth. The basics of the stochastic oscillator strategy are as follows. The first thing we wait for is a break of the lower or upper Bollinger band on a 5 minute chart. Our second confirmation is that the stochastic oscillator passes below the 20 line (for a break of the lower band) and above the 80 line (for a break of the upper band).

The stochastic oscillator is used to measure if the market is undersold or oversold and as such the stochastic oscillator strategy can be a powerful confirmation for many other types of strategy for further confirmation of a prediction or trading idea.

Please take a minute to watch the below video and read the full article so that you can enhance your trading.



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