Oil Millionaire App Scam Review

The Oil Millionaire App: Sticky, Slippery and it Stinks!

The thing about oil is…it can be very slippery. Very much like the scumbags who created Oil Millionaire.

Oil Millionaire 2

Watch your money slip through your fingers!

This particular scam has been going since about April 2015 and it’s not unlike a lot of the scams reviewed by us previously at Lemon Binary.
It’s a system that’s (you guessed it!) 100% free and can profit you thousand of dollars on regular time frames completely on AUTOPILOT. And by the way, you’d better be quick because there’re only a few spots left!

The Oil Millionaire App is another automated OTM generator that does little more than place random trades with little regard to whether or not they actually win. This is because the people who created this scam get paid commission by brokers to get people signed up with them and the broker banks a profit on the subsequent trades regardless of win or lose.

As we now know, these scams are heavily marketed and aimed to excite people’s greed by flashing large profit figures around. But such lies are hard to sustain without corresponding proof from other sources. As usual, a quick search of Facebook will result in Oil Millionaire App’s page only having 4 ‘likes.’ Seems odd considering the statement in the image below…

Oil Millionaire 1


Hundreds you say? I guess those people are so busy making huge cash that they are not on the Facebook group. As for the group itself, there isn’t much to it. Just a few images and banners with the page admin being the only person to like the posts. Sad.

More Fake Earnings

Oil Millionaire App is predictably full of unrealistic claims of profit generating and impossible winning percentages. The only thing missing is fake reviews from fiverr actors! But I guess this mob of clowns couldn’t afford to pay them $5 this time around.
Still…screenshots are free and easy to create so behold the enormous trading balance below!

Oil Millionaire App 3


That’s about all I have on this one. In my opinion, they didn’t really put much effort into marketing this scam. It’s just same old stuff on a different day. Oil itself is an interesting commodity to trade. The only unique thing about Oil Millionaire App is in the name. The fact that it only focusses on trading Oil makes it stand out a bit. But that’s about as good as it gets. No hard choices here guys. Don’t sign up.

Let’s hope the scammers are the only ones who ended up wasting their time here on this poorly constructed piece of work.

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