Push Button Commissions Scam

Push Button Commissions is a Scam – Beware!

By Jared Barnes

I hope that the following information is well-received by you and that you’ll proceed with caution if you’re considering signing up with Push Button Commissions.

 They are a scam. Pure and simple. 

Take my word for it and get on with your life without giving your money away to these con artists.
Otherwise, continue reading for more reasons to stay away.

The URL for Push Button Commissions loads up a plastic-looking webpage with an embedded video that plays automatically. You see a lovely looking mansion with a sweet view and a white sports car coming down the scenic driveway. Promising so far right? Would you like to see more?

The man who emerges from the car wastes no time in promoting this “no-cost” get rich quick scheme with very little technical explanation and fills the air with unsustainable lies and promises through his glossy smile. For over 45 minutes the presenter of Push Button Commissions continues to flounce around verbally through a variety of different backdrops including an office, a café and the mansion’s outdoor seating area with beutiful hilltop views.

It’s like these scammers have no imagination anymore! The video is unique in itself and quite well produced, but still includes the following:

– Grand displays of “wealth” in the form of a rented mansion and a shiny white sports car.
– A narrator with professional acting skills openly bragging about said “wealth”
– Claim of some exploitable glitch in some system that can mysteriously work in your financial favour.
– Exaggerated profit potential.
– A cringe-worthy sob story and how this magical system is “life-changing.”
– Fake testimonials from other paid actors performing obviously scripted scenes.

The guy also promises near the beginning of the video to send a cash amount of between $100 to $1000 if you watch to the end of the video. 

“This cash will go directly to the bank account of your choice”

The video is configured so that you cannot pause, rewind or fast-forward. However, If you manage to survive to the end you will discover he was lying to you outright and what he meant to say is that you need to sign up first and the “cash bonus” is really a “matching bonus” which I highly doubt you will be able to touch as is the case with a lot of bonus offers in the BO trading world.

He is not giving you any money.

The video continues on and you have to put up with him bragging about how nice it is to have chardonnay to wash down a gourmet lunch etc. It’s easy to zone out around this time as it’s all promises and no logic. 

Then comes the sad back-story! I wont even bother explaining it through, you can check it out for yourself and endure it if you wish. I can never get those minutes of my life back!

Moving past the content of the video, there are many other factors that stink about Push Button Commissions and are worthy of mention.

They have a Facebook page with a number of likes not exceeding 35 at the time I visited the page. (July 2015) Here are a few of quotes from some of the comments:

“I was ripped off by this company and all the lie’s. Cost me $250.00 to learn this so I hope you all take a good look before you pay. There is no money here only a scam. Should have done a scam report but the presentation was so convincing. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”
“I have an inbox full of emails from you. Every time I hit the link I get taken to the same video. I have personally watched this video 10 times to the end. I enter my email and click the button and then I am taken immediately to CoolHandle Hosting to sign up for a Web Hosting account. So I figured that is the same fee you host video talked about. I sign up for it and it NEVER takes me to Push Button commissions. 
So I write their support team and they say they are not connected???????? BIG SCAM!!!!!!”

“They are big scammers they don’t even have a working phone number. Do not invest with these BS scammers”

Push Button Commissions is also endorsed by notorious scam artist Roy Tribble who is well-known among BO traders to endorse a large number of known scams for a cut of the profits. 
The creators of these bogus schemes are the ones truly getting rich here. Not anyone they promise to help financially benefit.
In summary, I would warn anyone reading this to consider other investment opportunities and do a tonne of research instead of jumping into a scheme like this one and end up getting burned. 
Stay away from Push


Here’s is the ONLY button you should push on this particular flim-flam of a con!

By Jared Barnes

One thought on “Push Button Commissions Scam

  1. 45 minutes out of life? I am sorry for that, I am wondering why would they make so long video, I guess many people leave it, only because they don’t want to watch it, that must be boring.
    Anyway thanks for this article.

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