No1Options Broker Scam Review

Are No1Options safe or not?


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Today I will be reviewing a Binary Options broker by the name of No1Options.

No1Options is one of the leading brokers and is widely trusted by thousands within the industry. A quick internet search of No1Options will yield dozens of POSITIVE reviews from a variety of different websites that are independent of each other. No1Options are an EU regulated broker, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands

As a trader, it’s quite a refreshing change from the usual mix of reviews that various other brokers have earned themselves by providing poor service. No1Options have earned themselves a badge of honour among BO traders and it’s easy to see why!

No1Options have a user-friendly, reliable platform and a variety of different trade options. Lots of different assets and an adequate range of expiry times to suit your trading style.


Their short term trades range from 60sec to 300sec (5 min) which are brilliant for certain strategies.

Long term trading options are available also which are great for those low-risk trades on stocks when placed a few weeks before that next big product release from Apple, Microsoft or BMW to name a few!

No1Options is widely trusted mainly because they treat their customers fairly and  they align their priorities with that of their customers; profit withdrawals and high percentage payouts.

Typical winning payouts range between 75% – 89% for traditional binary options, or you can trade One Touch options for payouts as high as 550%! It all depends on your particular style of trading coupled with disciplined money management. Speaking of which, The trading platform also includes the option to ‘Sell’ your option back to No1Options at a time of your choice (from the time you enter the trade until about 5-10mins before expiry depending on the length of the trade). Not many brokers offer you this chance to reduce your losses or to secure profits early if you predict the direction will reverse out of the green before expiry.

No1Options offer bonuses of varying amounts to new members who sign up with them, but as you probably know, these bonuses may lock your funds and cause problems for withdrawal as is the case for all bonus amounts offered by brokers across the board. I recommend you do NOT accept a bonus from any broker you sign up with, as this will usually require you to generate profits in excess of 40 times the bonus amount before a withdrawal can be processed. With that point aside however, No1Options is very transparent regarding the rules and regulations that govern the bonus system.

No1Options is reliable and prompt to get withdrawals out to their profit-generating customers. Usually within about 3 business days but possibly longer for bank transfers depending on your bank. They also allow new members to sign up with as little as $100! Most brokers require $200 – $500 for an initial deposit so that’s why No1Options is much more friendly to new traders who want to test their strategies with small cash amounts. The minimum trade amount is $10, or $5 for Fast Trading (60sec – 300sec) They also offer a mobile trading app for easy on-the-go trades and instant access to your account.

From personal experience, I have received only ONE phone call from No1Options shortly after I signed up. The call was as expected, asking me about my goals and trading experience etc but I was not put under pressure to invest more money or to take advantage of any special offer. I was very happy that they just left me alone to trade by myself and not bother me with constant phone calls like I’ve had in the past with other brokers.

In summary, No1Options has earned its name as being Number 1 in the service that they provide. Sure, other brokers may be just as good and have plenty of glowing reviews to prove it. But if you’re looking for a low-deposit broker to get started with, or you’re just looking for a reliable, trusted, honest broker after one-too-many letdowns, give No1Options a try. I doubt very much you will be disappointed. Sign up below!


No1Options Sign up


6 thoughts on “No1Options Broker Scam Review

  1. I have an account with these. I opened it through a scam affiliate ‘Online Black Market’. They lost the majority of the £250.00 deposit with their so called Automatic Software. The balance left in the account is far less than the broker’s minimum withdrawal limit of £50.00. The minimum deposit is £250.00. The balance left is also far short of the minimum trade amount of £25.00. I do not have another £250.00 to deposit. 500option have said the amount left will be there indefinitely until I make another deposit. Any views/advice would be welcome James. Thank you

    1. Hey,

      The minimum deposit for No1Options is 100. The minimum trade amount is 10 for set expiries or 5 for turbo options. You should be able to deposit 100 and withdraw the 150 🙂



  2. Hi I am from Australia and I am searching legitimate, trusted broker, I have googled and found Australian gov inform investors to not invest in broker that not under Aussie law and not to take risk. Can you find no1 option covers all law and safe for Australian investors. Waitig for your reply. Thanks

  3. Hello first of all I want to thank you for the signals you post on Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group 🙂 second of all for the strategies you posted as well. My last thing I wanted to ask about no1 option, because I`m thinking of joining that broker, does it take very long to withdraw your money because in the Payment Procedure there is written that it may take up to 10 business days to process the request and 5 to 7 additional days before seeing your funds in your account. Thanks for your time and keep it up 🙂 Have a nice day

    1. Hey!

      Thanks for your comments. They are usually pretty prompt! It’s normally taken me less than 10 business days :). Don’t forget if you sign up through my links you can earn yourself $50 from me to you.

      Hope this helps!

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