My First Online Payday

Unfortunately, there is nothing remotely genuine about My First Online Payday, and I am going to let you know why this is nothing more than a binary options scam. We have come across countless fake websites, and none of them were as terrible as this one. Continue reading this review if you want to know more about the My First Payday scam program.

The first thing we noticed about the My First Online Payday scam is the fact that they use all of the scam techniques used by other phony programs. During the terrible promo video, there are news clippings shown that are supposed to lead you to believe that My First Online Payday has been featured in the news. We can tell you right now that this is the furthest thing from the truth. Pay attention to the way that the camera moves before you are able to see My First Online Payday mentioned in the text. This is a scam, period, and no respectable news media would bother to discuss this crooked program. The only good feedback we could find on the company was on those review sites where people will say whatever you like for a handful of cash. On their website,, there isn’t anything authentic to be found. The tabs and search bar aren’t real at all. If you try clicking them, nothing happens at all. Below the video, there are alleged social proof testimonials that show they are genuine, but these are not clickable either. If they were genuine, you would be able to click on them and see the original posting on Facebook. Even the advertisement shown on the side of the bus in the video is not real. It has obviously been altered.


More proof that My First Online Payday is a scam is the fact that the promo video is filled with paid actors. All of the testimonials offered were created by actors from the website Fiverr. We have seen them in videos for other scam programs before this, and we are sure they’ll be seen again. Even the CEO, “Jeremy Matthews,” who spells his name numerous ways throughout the promotional materials, is a pseudonym. It is actually Dezza123, who is a Fiverr user. Why would you take the time to believe anything these scam artists have to say when it is clear that their goal is to separate you from your money? It is also quite obvious that there is a script being read from a teleprompter. If you are still in need of more evidence proving that My First Online Payday is a scam, you should continue reading this scam review.

Something else that should be concerning to you on is the promise of getting $50 for free. This is not true at all. You will not receive anything for free! This is only a trick to get you to sign up for this worthless scam. This is a bonus that will rope you into making a deposit with a broker they have chosen. This means that before you will be allowed to withdraw the money, you will have to wager and trade a good amount of your own money, which means that it is not free – simple. Jeremy Mathews also claims that he makes nearly $300,000 monthly using this software. He mentions the fact that you will only make $700 daily in the beginning, but it is supposed to grow significantly. Let’s give a hand clap to the creator of this program for knowing what should be said in order to sound like you are being legitimate. The good thing is that we are far smarter than “Jeremy Mathews.” We know the site is not real and he is not making six figures in any way. The entire scam looking website probably only took a few hundred dollars out of his slimy pockets.

The My First Online Payday site is bogus from beginning to end. We hope that you will take the information here seriously and stay far away from this program. Do not waste any money on this terrible binary options scam.

Here is our verdict:

My First Online Payday is nothing but a big fat SCAM!

Do not spend money on this software!

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