Mikes Binary Options Signals July Review

Mikes Binary Options Signals is still the industry leader


Whats up guys? I wanted to do a review of whats been going on in Mikes Binary Options Signals as it has come to my attention that a lot of what goes on inside the group isn’t exposed in the outside world. Mikes Binary Options Signals group has had some great news in July and I wanted to share with you the top news and of course update you on our admins ITM rate. For those who aren’t yet members you can sign up below to join for free!



Big Bonuses

First of all one of our top 3 traders and admins of the group, Rene, won a $1000 bonus for winning 12 signals in a row. So what does this actually mean? Well, Rene is a paid admin and provides signals on the wall of the Mikes Binary Options Signals. This is because Rene consistently has had a high win percentage (sometimes referred to as ITM percentage) for posting signals. Not only does Rene receive a base salary for posting signals and administering the group, but he is also able to win bonuses for posting winning signals in a row – the best thing about this is anyone who is able to trade binary options can post signals in the group. Yes, even you could be the proud winner of $1000 for posting 12 winning signals in a row!  But it doesn’t stop there. 3 different bonus levels exist in which you can win yourself anywhere from $200 – $400. Mikes Binary Options Signals bonus levels are currently as follows:

7 ITMS = $200

8 ITMS = $400

12 ITMS = $1000


mikes binary options signals


2000 and counting

Amazingly, but not unsurprisingly Mikes Binary Options Signals has now managed to exceed 2000 members. Its second biggest milestone was reached just a few short months after its first milestone (1000 members). This just proves to the rest of the world that Mikes Binary Options Group is truly the biggest group in the industry. The next stop is exceeding 5000 members which I believe to be achievable sooner than most people might think. Sign up here http://mikes-binary-options-signals.com/


mikes binary options signals

Top 3 traders results as of the end of July

Its important that we calculate each traders success accurately and that we are transparent with who, on the basis of previous results would be advisable to follow in Mikes Binary Options Signals. Of course it is important to note that past results are not indicative of future results. However it is also important to note note that these results have been calculated on lifetime results of traders within the group. The shortest trader, Afzal has been trading with Mikes Binary Options Signals now for 5 months. Each trader posts 5+ signals a day on average. Here are the July results:


1. Afzal 84% ITM

2. Snir 79% ITM

3. Rene 75% ITM


Note: ITM stands for “In the money”. The above indicates the amount of winning trades as apposed to losing trades. A win ratio above 62% is considered profitable *Subject to the payout of your Binary Options Broker.

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