Google Trader is another scam

Google Trader scam review “The most advanced auto-trading software in the world”


So here we go again. Another cheesy promotional video with a whole lot of big numbers and fake testimonials with the inclusion of phrases such as: “100% Free” and “Daily pure profits!”

google trader scam
Google Trader Scam

You don’t have to dig too deep into the Google Trader scam to see right through it. The boasted profits of Google Trader are apparently $1,800 per day or $1,000 per day or $4,000 per day depending on which section of the video or webpage you look at. The numbers themselves don’t seem very real or provable by any stretch.

To quote a caption on Google Trader’s Facebook page:

“Google Trader has already helped up to 10,000
peoples to Achieve their Financial Freedom”

You’ll have to forgive my sarcasm Google Trader but why are there only 18 peoples liking your page despite the above claim? Let’s look at more quotes.

“Can you imagine making $10,000? Without lifting a finger?”

“Google Trader Has Made Me $6,000,000 in The Last Year”

How about we do some mathematics on this?
6 million dollars divided by 365.25 days in a year equals a daily profit of $16,427.11 which is another (unsurprising) nonsensical number.

The lack of logic in the claimed profit figures should raise a big enough red flag for you by now. Already I urge you to stay away from Google Trader but let’s proceed further and find more reasons to truly beat this dead horse once and for all.

The apparent success rate for the Google Trader scam a whopping 94%.

If you’ve been around forex and binary options trading for any length of time, you will know this to either be an outright false claim or a highly improbable one at best. The reason for such a high success rate is apparently due to the claim that “Google knows Everything!”
Specifically, Google knows when the market goes up, and when the market goes down.

It’s not exactly hard to find live currency and stock charts that tell you the exact same thing. But I’m not sure if that’s what they mean or if they’re implying Google is some kind of supercomputer like the Red Queen!
How can these people expect to believe that Google Trader will know in advance if an asset or stock will go up or down on the short timeframes associated with BO trading? Not a lot of explanation is given other than it’s some kind of algorithm based on the original search engine.

The dreadful Google Trader scam will place trades for you based on “what Google thinks will happen” and close the trades with a profit of “at least 240% – 360%.” And while we’re talking percentages, Google Trader claims to be “100% Proven, Tested and Verified by Beta testers.” I call BS on all of the above.

During the promotional video, the voice-over guy mentions “I would like to be 100% percent transparent with you” and then says that joining Google Trader will not cost you anything.

Not a dimeWhy you say?Ease the curve
Oh how nice.

The terrible Google Trader scam video goes on to say that a commission is earned by the company on your profits. So it’s in their interest for you to be winning. After a few minutes of trying to convince everyone they’re not trying to scam you, they do the old trick of saying you have limited time to sign up. There are “limited spaces available!”

And of course, a scam promotion like this one would be incomplete without the fake testimonials.


All of which are easily obtainable from people online who will say whatever you want for as little as $5.

Finally, check out this screenshot of Google Trader’s Facebook page. I found it rather amusing to see who ‘liked’ their own posts.


So there you have it. Yet another scam by a bunch of not-so-bright con artists chasing after your money. I’d encourage anyone reading this to exercise caution when presented with similar promo videos and material. Don’t get suckered in and believe everything the Google Trader video says. Often the video will push you to invest quickly by claiming there is limited space available or perhaps an imposed time limit. They don’t want you to have time to investigate by browsing other independent reviews. Never rush into something like this. Do your research over however long a time period you need.

Stay away from the awful Google Trader scam.

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