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We want to bring you a review that has had some really good hype in the binary options industry the Copy Buffett!

We’ve heard a lot of great things about this software and we thought we’d bring an honest review to you guys after testing out the software for a couple of months. Copy Buffett is an automatic trading service brought to you by Mr Jeremy Fin and is a software Lemon Binary are proud to support and recommend to our readers! You can continue reading this review to find out why we DON’T think is a scam!


Copy Buffett


What Is Copy Buffett?

Copy Buffett is an Auto Trader founded by CEO Jeremy Fin who was inspired by Warren Buffett’s famous fundamental trading style. We were slightly take aback at first as we thought this was trying to suggest an affiliated with Warren Buffett and there was nothing to verify this. However Mr Fin doesn’t claim anything of the sorts and merely states that Buffett was his inspiration behind his software and his namesake obviously inspired the name.



Can you verify the claims made in the promo video?

We will start with Jeremy Fin. We couldn’t find too much about him online but this wasn’t worrying since he doesn’t claim to be anyone. Most of these scams have fictitious founders claiming to have gone to prestigious universities or have ties with well known banks or Wall Street traders. None of those claims ever prove true. With Copy Buffett we find that everything Mr Fin claims is true. He states that we can double our investment within a few short weeks and not only did we actually do this it’s also achievable. Most scams set unrealistic targets like becoming a millionaire within a few short months or that you’ll be taking home tens of thousands a day.  You can make the money that Jeremy says you can and his itm rates are obtainable at 82%.



Copy Buffet 2


Why Copy Buffett?

We think that this software is worth investing with because the proof is in the pudding. We Traded with CopyBuffett and we won 71 of 92 trades. At first we were a little skeptical because the first 3 trades were losers. But we know that like anything you have to speculate to accumulate. We thought 3 trades have lost if we hit 6 in a row we would leave it there but we actually won the next 9 trades that day before we turned the software off. We also like the fact that the software is free for the first months trial and that after that they only take a 5% share of your monthly profits. You should only ever pay for a service once it has proven it is worth something and so unless you’re making money with the founders make nothing either. They also have a 24 hours support system via email and every time we messaged the Copy Buffet support team we received friendly and helpful service which is always a plus! You are offered ultimate control over the trades your account takes by choosing your own trade size, risk and volume. This is positive news as it allows you to ensure your account is drained quickly like a scam would try to do.


Are there any scam tactics or paid actors?

We couldn’t find any information about Copy Buffett to disprove that Jeremy Fin isn’t who he says he is.  There were no gimmicks like fake spots left counters or timers that tell you’re your chance to sign up will be gone in a heartbeat. We know those kinds of pressurizing tactics can be found on scams all around the binary options industry! There we also no fake stats or any news articles faked suggesting Copy Buffett had been covered in places like Forbes like most of these scams suggest. What’s even greater about this software is that it works with regulated brokers! We were assigned Banc De Binary and we know them to be reputable and CySec registered!


We are pretty sure after reviewing the facts and testing the software out ourselves and reading other reviews posted by respected blogs that this software is legitimate. We are pretty happy to give it our verdict:

Copy Buffett is a TRUSTED service!


You can sign up here to get started! Be sure you stay vigilant when it comes to other services as there are plenty of scams in the binary options industry! You can check out our other Trusted Services and be sure to avoid scams we have blacklisted! Thanks for checking out this article don’t hesitate to share it to help out the newbies!

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