Binary Options Signal Entry Positions

I find positioning the most important thing when taking a signal. Getting it right can mean your ITM percentage is extremely high, all the time.

When following Binary Options signals; no matter the platform, you should always see the initial strike rate as the maximum for a put & a minimum for a call, when entering the trade. I’ve seen so many newbies constantly OTM due to poor entries, thinking that the second it hits the signals strike rate that they should get in. My advice is to wait it out; there will be better positions and multiple points of entry that could be 50 pips different to the strike rate, but are more likely to ensure an ITM for you, even if the signals strike rate is technically OTM.

A clearer example goes as follows:

Type: PUT
STRIKE: 119.27234

The strike rate is 234, and we’re looking at a put. Since the expiry could be anywhere between 15 minutes away all the way to the end of day, there are ample amounts of oportunities for several positions at great entries. The stock may go down at first and you feel you’ve missed your chance, however, it could very well climb and go up to 250 or 275, which would mean by the time the expiry comes around, you’re more likely to gain an ITM if you’ve got higher positions before the stock then trends in the correct direction of the signal. So even if ultimately it expires at say 248, which is technically higher than the strike rate, you will have an ITM based on your 250 & 275 positions.

This is why Lemon Binary heavily promotes demo accounts and getting to grips with entering a trade at the best times.

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